The project will be developed in five work packages, as follows:

Work Package 1 (months 1-24):

We will study the impact of the explicit teaching of the Control of Variables Strategy regarding method understanding to pre-service teachers.

Deliverables: Questionnaire, Technical Report.

Work Package 2 (months 1-24):

We will study primary and secondary in-service teachers’ views and practices who have attended a PD program about the adoption of inquiry teaching approaches.

Deliverables: Questionnaire, Observation tool, Technical Report

Work Package 3 (months 7-24):

We will study the views and practices of a small group (3-4) of museum educators in a Science Centre e.g. NOESIS. They design and implement small scale educational programs about nanotechnology, experimental constructions, etc.

Deliverables: Questionnaire, Observation Tool, Technical Report

Work Package 4 (months 25-36):

We will attempt to correlate views and practices, namely, to examine whether views guide practices, or vice versa or there is no relation between them. We will also develop inquiry teaching proposals for the teachers to enhance their inquiry practices.

Work Package 5 (months 1-36):

Actions for the diffusion of the research results. The diffusion will be achieved by the  research team in institutional conferences in the area of Education and / or Science Education. The results will be published in proceedings of International and /or Pan-Hellenic conferences, with referees system, as well as in International and /or Greek Journals with system of referees. Finally, a web-site will be created for the communication of the project and the diffusion of results and publications.

Deliverables: Web-site, Articles in journals and conference proceedings.